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Cordele is A town in Georgia that's designated as the chair of Crisp County. It is found in the intersection of two major railroads -- the Savannah, Americus and Montgomery line, and the Georgia Southern and Florida.

World" as lots of watermelon crops are harvested and shipped nationwide. It celebrates the yearly Watermelon Festival in June, which attracts hundreds of tourists that all want to have a flavor of the city's most flavorful fruit.

If you want to have a bite of this city's sweet and juicy Watermelon, visit the Cordele State Farmers Market, the significant carrot distribution hub to the Southeast.

Early June through August is the watermelon season in
Other than watermelon, you can buy all kinds of fruits And vegetables in the marketplace like cantaloupes.

But Cordele is not merely about watermelon. It is also home

300 S, Makes the very best tasty sausage that is sure to satisfy the picky palate of a few tourists.

Stripling's fresh whole hog state sausage has set this And for 50 years, Stripling's sausage has been made with a great deal of labour, from the farm to the table.

But Stripling's doesn't only sells yummy sausage. It Additionally offers an exceptional choice of fine meats like spicy beef and pork jerky, and certified angus beef rib eyes and filets.

Stripling's sausage is exceptional as it uses all prime cuts From the entire hog but nevertheless allow the sausage to naturally ferment, creating a different flavor that cannot be replicated.

Stripling's trademark product remains custom-made from its First 1964 recipe, which is seasoned to perfection and packed with natural flavor.

One of Stripling's sausage designs are Cheese Dip with But in addition, it offers other menus besides sausages.

The city of Cordele offers guests the best of all worlds. Yes, it's a small town but includes comfortable neighborhoods and a busy downtown district, which makes the city the perfect place to store and have fun.

If you plan to go on holiday, then include town of Cordele on your own bucket listing.

The city of Cordele in Georgia, the chair of Crisp County, is situated at the junction of two Big railroads -- the Savannah, Americus and Montgomery line, and the Georgia Southern and Florida line. This historic location of Cordele functions as a major come-on to tourists that wish to explore what the town can provide.

To have a glimpse of the town's railroad history, guests Are encouraged to ride the Historic SAM Shortline Excursion Train, which travels through southwest Georgia within an air-conditioned 1949 classic cars with a mixture taste of the older rural South and today's excitement.

Along the way, you will find fun and fascinating train stops,

And while in Americus, guests are welcome to See the Historic Windsor Hotel, Habitat for Humanity's Global Village and also the thrilling Rylander Theater.

The train is managed by the State of Georgia's Department Of Natural Resources using its main depot located at 105 East 9th Avenue at Cordele.

The last stop of this excursion is Carter's Boyhood Farm, Which is presently being managed by the National Park Service. You are able to learn about the former president's story from rangers that are on duty to tell the background.

Riding within an air-conditioned 1949 vintage cars will Certainly give guests a mix of intimate yesteryears with the excitement of the South.

The excursion's stops in quaint cities are all filled with Fun attractions, shopping and restaurants.

Upcoming events for the Historical SAM Shortline Excursion

Also slated check here is Breakfast with Santa on Dec. 23 in the beautiful Georgia Veterans State Park and Resort.

The park also boasts of the 18-hole golf course, a pro Store, and an 8,700-acre lake called Lake Blackshear.

Even with just a short train trip, guests will Definitely gain a great deal of insights about Cordele, its rich history, and its Hospitable men and women that are always around to welcome visitors.

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